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Thinking of growing or buying an orchard SEE THIS FIRST. The Monoculture Treadmill: EMOTIONAL RANT.

Zack Zane

I can get pumped about some things and growing a monoculture gets me going. I’ve been there with a 4,000 apple tree organic monoculture orchard and I saw the shortcomings and the treadmill mentality that is needed. It’s FOLLY, it’s crazy, it’s foolish and I know most people will never change because it’s the ingrained image they have of an orchard.
I show the treadmill you can be on with a monoculture orchard and briefly contrast it with the Permaculture Orchard’s polyculture. The choice is yours. I’m just giving you a heads up of what you can expect with a monoculture orchard (organic and conventional) and a polyculture permaculture orchard.
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