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Intention Direction Momentum for your Permaculture Orchard

Zack Zane

Intention Direction Momentum is what you will decide and see happen in your Permaculture Orchard or backyard planting.
You start with an intention then take action on it. It’s like your goals for the orchard.
Direction is the ecological direction the intention will take. Like the planting will take a direction toward a forest. It’s also your involvement to give a direction to the momentum.
Momentum is the most exciting. Once you have started, the trees, shrubs, perennials and vines will take on a life of their own to entend your orchard or planting. All it will take is some direction, perhaps some replanting of seedlings and you can extend your orchard, even 10x each year.
We will look at several examples of momentum in the Permaculture Orchard: walnuts, hazelnuts, beech, plums, cherry, chives, perennial sunflower, Japanese anemone and grapes.
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