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Zack Zane

This week we introduce you to the 3 lines of defence against caterpillars by Team Bird in the Permaculture Orchard.
First line of defence are the birds that capture adult moths and butterflies so that they do not lay eggs in the orchard. This line includes flycatchers, swallows and Eastern bluebird.
The second line is made up of birds that capture caterpillars as food for themselves or their young. This line also includes Eastern bluebird, sparrows, house wrens, robins, orioles and caterpillar specialist like: warbling vireos and black-billed cuckoo. Most birds nesting in the orchard will capture whatever is most abundant including caterpillars to feed their young.
The third line of defence is made up of wintering birds or resident birds that winter in the orchard and capture the overwintering form of caterpillars (cocoons and egg masses). They include white-breasted nuthatch, chickadees and woodpeckers.
With the 3 lines of birds patrolling the orchard planted with the NAP system you will have more time to practice your own nap system.
Thanks to Stefano Ianiro for the wildlife photography of this video. You can catch his great photos and videos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at:

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