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Chop&Drop VS Mow&Blow VS RollerCrimp in the Permaculture Orchard

Zack Zane

This week we compare three techniques to maintain under the trees and grassy aisles in the Permaculture Orchard: Chop & Drop, Mow & Blow and Roller Crimp. Chop and drop can be done by hand, with a scythe or with a sicle bar mower. Mow and blow can be done with a mower or lawn tractor. Roller crimping is done with a lawn tractor or two-wheeled tractor. We compare the three, their limitations and the best times to use them.
Here’s a link to the Roller Crimper: https://earthtoolsbcs.com/implements-covercrop/crimperroller/
Thanks to Emily and Doreen for driving the tractors.
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