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TOP 10 Edible Perennial vegetables and Herbs to plant in your garden or permaculture orchard! (2021)

Zack Zane

This week we check out my Top 10 edible perennial vegetables, herbs and flowers in the Permaculture Orchard. Your top 10 will likely vary from this list based on your climate and taste. We are in AgCan Hardiness zone 5 (USDA zone 4).

My top 10 are as follows:

10 – Arugula
9 – Daylily
8 – Oregano
7 – Thyme
6 – Mint
5 – Perennial Shallots
4 – Egyptian Onion
3 – Chives
2 – Sorrel: Profusion Sorrel from Richters: https://www.richters.com/Web_store/web_store.cgi?product=X5683&show=all&prodclass=&cart_id=7571171.30959
#1 – Garlic Chives

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Filmed & Edited by Zack Zane

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