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This weeks lesson is BUD GRAFTING or T-BUDDING. Late summer is the best time to start bud grafting. We cover the supplies, tools and technique you will need for bud grafting or T budding. Choosing a bud stick, preparing a bud stick, choosing a branch or shoot to receive the bud, preparing the rootstock, removing the bud, making the T cut, inserting the bud, taping the new bud graft. Also what to do next year: removing the budding elastic, cutting the rootstock above the bud graft and stripping the new growth below the bud graft (not shown).

Document shown ‘Fruit Tree Propagation’: http://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2013/aac-aafc/agrhist/A53-1289-1985-eng.pdf

My Source for Budding elastics and parafilm: Frensch C Import Whol Ltd, Beamsville, Ontario. Phone: (905) 563-4774 (no website)
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