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THESE 8 SHRUBS Fertilize Your Soil (Part 2) Nitrogen Fixing Shrubs

Zack Zane

Shrubs that improve your soil. Nitrogen fixing shrubs to use in your yard that help fertilize the plants around them as you prune them. These are the ones we use in the Permaculture Orchard to improve the soil for our fruit trees.
Or maybe I should call this video ‘The hunt for the Goumi’

00:19 Shepherdia argentea (Buffalo berry)
01:52 Eleagnus umbellata (Autumn olive)
03:18 Hippophae rhamnoides (Seaberry or Sea buckthorn) choose thornless cultivars
05:27 Caragana arborescens (Caragana or Siberian pea shrub)
06:53 Ceanothus americanus (New Jersey tea)
08:24 Amorpha canescens (Leadplant)
08:57 Eleagnus multiflora (Goumi)
10:13 Characteristics of nitrogen fixing plants
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