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5 TREES to improve YOUR SOIL- Nitrogen fixing trees (part 3)

Zack Zane

Part 3 in this series on Nitrogen Fixing Plants. Trees that improve and fertilize your soil. You may not like them but they are doing a job for you. We look at why use nitrogen fixing trees and 5 trees that we use in the Permaculture Orchard.
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00:33 honey locust
Reasons WHY we use Nitrogen Fixing Trees in the Permaculture Orchard
01:41 nodulation in Red and White clovers
04:18 Fixes nitrogen or improves the soil
04:24 Living stake
05:27 Living post
06:12 Light shade
07:14 Great mulch
07:39 Great forage
08:53 For biodiversity
11:48 Serves as a barrier for insects
12:54 Thorny vs Thornless and Why trees and shrubs have thorns
16:00 black locust
20:11 Kentucky coffee tree
21:05 Russian olive
25:34 Alder
27:10 summary of benefits of Nitrogen fixing trees
27:41 Other soil improving trees

NOTE : Great reference of Honey locust nitrogen fixation

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