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How to Tighten, My Attitude in Fixing Things and Irrigation

Zack Zane

Have you ever had to fix something? Ever wonder which way to turn a screw to tighten and loosen? Ever wonder about standards? What’s your attitude when fixing something?
This week I’m changing an irrigation valve and pondering the bigger picture of fixing.
00:35 applying teflon tape
01:28 making mistakes
01:54 tighten directions, loosen directions
03:21 cutting pvc pipe, replacing a broken irrigation controller
04:48 standards between manufacturers
05:38 back to the repair cutting and glueing pvc pipe
06:39 using a reamed pvc union to save a lot of digging
07:10 working with pvc cement (glue)
08:45 Mistake!!!
11:00 right attitude in fixing to preserve your joy
14:35 sleeping on a problem trick
15:48 last fix adding a manual valve
16:10 testing the repaired valves
17:40 BEFORE closing it all up do this
18:25 details of a valve box and lesson learned
20:59 closing it all up
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