Les Fermes Miracle Farms

Miracle Farms - The Permaculture Orchard

How Apple TREES INDICATE A NEED FOR WATER and inspecting the irrigation system.

Zack Zane

00:01 Finding an underground leak.
02:02 Update to Roller Crimping Grass in the orchard
04:19 Checking Irrigation lines and flushing them.
05:20 Approximate cost to replacing irrigation system.
05:39 Automating irrigation, a Must.
08:11 Irrigation vs Fertilisation
08:47 Back to flushing and checking irrigation lines.
10:10 Interns getting up to speed.
11:14 How an apple tree indicates if it’s getting enough water.
12:08 First year with Japanese Beetles.
12:33 Results of transplanted hazelnut shrubs and white cedar.
13:38 Irrigation emitters for new trees and shrubs.
14:12 Checking results of transplanted shrubs and trees.
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