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I don’t EVER WANT HONEY BEES again in the Permaculture Orchard
Why not? They are now a problem. Causing over pollination, branch and tree breakages and then alternating production years.
They may be necessary for your first few years but then consider seriously giving them away or selling them.

Honey bees are a symptom of a deficient, sick and unhealthy agricultural ecosystem. Yes you heard me an unhealthy and sick ecosystem. Honey bees are not needed if your farm ecosystem is healthy and abundant in biodiversity. Once the habitats are abundant your native bees should return en masse to do all the work of pollinating your crops.

I loved having bees and enjoyed the honey and their services. It’s not like I don’t like bees I just realize they are a crutch in agriculture. Masking the depth of your problem of habitat degradation.
If you have to have honey bees you should ask yourself why? What can I do to improve the habitats for native bees and most importantly what should I stop doing that is killing the native bees and their habitats.
We are facing a crisis. I’m actually glad honey bees are dying en masse because we will be forced to face the REAL PROBLEM of habitat destruction and monoculture landscapes. Wake up world. You want to continue to enjoy fruit and certain vegetables that require pollination then share this message.
It’s not all gloom. We can restore agricultural habitats and continue to enjoy fruit but we need to :
1. flee from monocultural systems. It is possible to farm without honey bees. We should be able to farm without honey bees.
2. Leave a tithe of Undisturbed area. Not necessarily wild just not worked every year and most of all with plant residue left as homes for the bees.
3. Leave diverse grassy areas much longer between mowings to allow the flowers to bloom. Usually 4-7 weeks depending on the flowering plant species.
4. Stop killing insects, plants, fungus and soil life. They are essential parts of a healthy ecosystem

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