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Winter Walkabout in the Permaculture Orchard: Wishes, Weather, Water, Wildlife and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Zack Zane

Winter Walkabout in the Permaculture Orchard: Wishes, Weather, Water, Wildlife and MUCH MUCH MORE.
Topics covered Weather, Water, Wildlife and MUCH MUCH more
00:25 Happy New Year and Weather
1:19 Water and Why not Swale?
4:30 Biotope and native bees
6:00 Black knot
6:17 Honey Locust and support trees
8:00 Thyme ground cover
8:20 Planning time
9:25 Fruit in trees what will you do with your harvest?
9:58 Bud Grafting done
10:20 Virtual Tour
10:40 Preparing your harvest
12:00 Apple Ice Cider
12:40 Fruit in the trees 12 months of the year
13:50 Ice Cider
14:50 Enjoying one of the pleasures of the Permaculture Orchard
15:15 Fruit that will extend your season
15:40 Ice cider Techniques
19:00 Hardy Kiwi
21:35 Black locust
22:20 Trees Dying
22:58 Planting Wildlife Habitats
23:28 Planting Posts
24:10 Old Irrigation Pipes
25:20 Old Fox dens
26:10 Wood chip mulch
26:50 Ida Red Apples holding in trees
29: Osprey platform
28:30 To Do Lists and realistic expectations
30:40 Zeal for a project
33:18 Tree felled by load of fruit
33:43 New Seeded Orchard Block
35:25 Standing water in the orchard
36:32 Hazelnuts
37:12 Blue Permain Apple
37:45 Leaving Apples in trees and Abundance
39:05 Autumn olive and Nitrogen Fixers
40:32 Roller crimp
43:08 Korean Pine and mix of short, medium and long term trees
43:50 Monoculture Madness
44:20 New technique Vegetable beds
44:40 Skunk
45:25 Laying Hens
47:55 Electric fence humour
48:30 Improvements to the yard
48:54 Type 1 Design Error
50:05 Grapes for ice cider
50:30 Showpiece row design detail
52:00 Year to year variations in harvest
55:30 Best Wishes for you
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