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SAFE & EFFECTIVE!!! Spring Summer and Fall Disease Spray for your garden or orchard fruit trees

Zack Zane

Spray whey on fruit trees! It’s better and Safer than Fungicide against fungal diseases and it works better.

01:12 How whey (also called lactoserum) works.
05:50 The beauty of whey: it sticks, it’s safe.
07:33 How we spray whey.
08:40 Stickyness means a leaf can be treated only once in a season.
09:30 What I do with the Permaculture Orchard
11:40 I would love that fungicide was no longer used and how that is possible
13:08 How I started with whey
14:10 If you’re curious here’s what you can do and the savings
15:28 The one caveat to using whey
16:02 The potential acidity of whey and the effects of the acidity
16:40 How I buffer the acidity
17:28 The concentrations I and others use
18:30 Leave comments if you tried it

Australian Research mentioned :
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