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Late winter walkabout in Permaculture Orchard: Vole and Rabbit damage, Hens…much more

Zack Zane

Late winter walkabout: Vole and Rabbit damage, Permaculture Orchard Assessment, Hens, Birds.
Follow up to the Walkabout Series, see the other seasons in the Walkabout Playlist.
Filmed on March 8, 2020.

Here are the subjects touched on:
00:18 Winter’s progression
01:07 Sap from walnut trees
02:24 Black knot
02:45 Pruning course Update and YouTube Live
04:02 Biotope and Woodpecker damage to native bee nest logs
04:45 Winter snow crust advantage and psychological boost
06:40 Temperature limit to pruning
07:30 Grape and kiwi testing
08:07 Birds returning
09:20 Bird suet feeder
10:00 Peach survival & Horizontal low espalier for non hardy trees
11:38 Orchard visibility and seasonal change
13:31 Spray vs feed birds
14:40 That virus thing
21:43 Monoculture Rant
21:10 Solving Global Warming or Climate Change
21:30 Wildlife Habitats
23:00 Sheep in the orchard
23:30 Strategies to reduce vole damage
25:10 New Seeded Permaculture Orchard
26:35 Dog eating voles and winter adaptation
28:06 New Posts
28:30 Nest boxes and Cleaning them out or not
29:30 Video updates. Thank you for subscribing
30:18 Rabbit damage and how to reduce it
31:27 Unpruned trees and the Pruning Course
31:52 First chipmunk emerged
32:30 Snow drift effect in the Permaculture Orchard and plant survival
33:50 Plans and projects
34:40 A Good farmer, I’m not one of them
37:00 Stefano Ianiro filmed during a snow storm in the Permaculture Orchard
His Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKq3tXnvXnA0feJYmOx9MPw
37:40 Compost Piles
38:08 Pussy Willows the earliest crop and their importance for early Bees
38:45 Chickens and how we wintered them almost outdoors all winter
42:25 Bird Feeders
42:50 Summary some of what we saw
43:12 Rapid change at this time of the year and avoiding flooding
44:40 Your plans to get started this year
44:55 Why are you watching these videos? Your comments please.
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