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Zack Zane

Insights as a former organic orchardist with 4,000 tree certified organic apple orchard. This week I realized some people don’t know what Organic means. I dig into 9 key questions about organic you may not know.

01:43 Q1- Does organic mean its not sprayed?

02:22 Q2- What is the difference between organic and conventional spray?

03:40 Q3: Does washing with soap remove the harmful chemicals?

05:45 Q4- Is Organic healthier for you?

11:22 Q5- What does it mean when a fruit has insects or disease?

11:47 Q6- What is a Micronutrient?

13:45 Q7: Are people in VIBRANT Health?

18:43 Q8: How to find what products may have been applied on organic fruit and vegetables?

21:24 Q9: Is there 100% guarantee of no synthetic product in organic?

22:18 Q10: Do farmers improve biodiversity?

22:57 Q11: Are farmers stewards of the land?
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