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Fall 2020 Walkabout. What a YEAR !!!

Zack Zane

Fall 2020 Walkabout. What a YEAR!!!
Here are the timecodes:
00:58 Spring Plants still Green in fall
04:19 Pruning fall raspberries
07:03 Sorrel at its BEST
08:09 Pleasure of the Permaculture Orchard
08:24 2020 Fruit Production
09:15 Tasting a late apple
09:46 Surprise tree in an orchard
10:03 A great year to enjoy the orchard
11:25 What’s coming up next year
12:20 Rows not all ready for winter
12:46 Weather moisture extremes this season
13:06 This is SAND soil
13:38 Roller crimp and Mow grass
14:06 Coming up next year and Virtual Tour Now
14:52 Some apples remaining and Drops
15:05 Drops and Voles
15:16 Rootstock for next spring
15:53 Still wasps around
16:13 Closing down the irrigation system
16:28 Snow geese interlude
17:30 Lake next door is GROWING
18:05 Wood chips just applied
18:18 Strategy for mowing rows to be picked
19:03 Wood Chip dreams
19:51 A look at the sand and gravel operation next door
21:16 The advantage of a lake next door
21:42 Working on an online Permaculture Orchard Course
24:47 Lone Goose at the lake likely injured
25:15 Laying hens update
28:05 Chicken Thieves
32:10 Be ready for CHANGE!!
34:20 BEE disappearance
37:05 Raising the wires and pipe for overhead spray and frost protection
37:41 Go see Richard Perkins channel
38:36 Enjoying feeding birds from the hand

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