Miracle Farms The Permaculture Orchard

Beyond Organic

Education, Innovation and Production to bring back the WOW into real food.

How It was

Company’s history

Purchased as a conventional 4,000 tree apple orchard.

Completed 3 years of transition towards organic.

We become a OCIA certified organic apple orchard.

4 years of certified organic production.

Deep realization that even an organic orchard remains a monoculture.


In early 2002, a nursery of 2,000 fruit trees was established to replant the orchard in a permaculture design.

Tripled the trees in the nursery.

Total loss of nursery trees, 2 years of lost work!

Nursery re-established!

Planted the largest permaculture orchard in Eastern Canada.

Tripled the permaculture orchard, added plastic mulch and irrigation to the first permaculture planting.

Added plastic mulch and irrigation to the second permaculture planting, added berries, flowers and vegetables.

Fruit production began in the first permaculture planting – patience rewarded!

With hopes for the first large harvest, a late frost in May killed the fruit tree buds leading to a near total loss. Returned to a Membership U-Pick format.

Year of abundance for apples, pears, plums, cherries, berries – Ah, finally!

Almost no tree fruits, but best year for small fruits! Launch of the Film “The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic”. Start of annual EuroTours teaching and speaking.

Abundance of everything. Lots and lots of apples, pears, berries and herbs – Ah, the pleasure of walking in this garden of Eden, yours to discover! Beyond Organic NZ Tour: teaching and speaking tour.

Lower production year.

Year of Abundance.

Lower production year. Began a YouTube Channel to spread the word about the Permaculture Orchard. Launch of the Virtual Tour of the Permaculture Orchard to allow people around the world to visit virtually.

Record breaking crop year! Abundance. Launch of the Pruning Course Online to help those with trees.

Lower production year. Closure of tours, workshops and EuroTour due to COVID. 2020 A year to remember.