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Early Spring Walkabout: Updates, Tips, Tricks and a lot more

Zack Zane

An Early Spring Walkabout: Updates, Tips, Tricks
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00:43 Stage of growth

03:41 Progress of planting and patience

04:25 Get planting!

04:50 Weather and Snow expected!!

05:25 Note where it’s green, in understory.

06:43 Trash, people are still tossing trash in 2020!!!

06:58 Brush piles in PO

07:52 Tractor and brush piles

09:30 Treetop trail project

10:18 Soil under brush piles

10:56 Birds are back

11:46 Sumac invaded some rows

12:10 Nitrogen fixing trees

12:31 Replanting Plums and regrafting apples to fill a poor soil area

13:10 Back to the birds

13:22 Biotope and bee boxes

14:01 Very sandy soil and ants

14:27 See Ant VIDEO

14:48 Nice crown graft overgraft

15:23 Words of encouragement for all the work you will do

16:30 1 of 2 Green Gage plums

17:03 Black currant identification tip

17:51 Effect of bark loss on an apple tree

19:03 Old organic apple orchard

19:38 More birds and a first time nesting, Merlins

22:08 Gian Puffball

22:30 Old apple trees and how to rebuild them

24:28 Pushed brush piles

26:38 Covid-19 Update on public events at the farm

27:38 Virtual Tour and Permaculture Orchard Film

28:28 My views on fixing stuff

28:58 Tree Swallows and Bluebirds

30:43 Nest

31:18 Gooseberry and Black Raspberry

32:28 Chives a great spring plant

32:38 Willows in bloom

33:18 Amelanchier alnifolia or Saskatoon

34:28 Pruned kiwi

34:51 Haskap propagation and patience

35:53 Red currant in flower and design detail SW of trees

37:03 Liatris

37:23 Farm Help offers overflow

37:58 Easy Garden Update Planted

38:43 Stefano moved purple martin Nest box

40:03 Bow dog caught a vole and rabbits

40:53 Chickens over winter

41:23 Composters with hay and apples

41:40 Fire pit and frog pond

42:11 Chickens and the importance of Biochar

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