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A WEED You WANT and what it’s an INDICATOR of…

Zack Zane

ONE WEED you WANT to see in Your Garden!!
ONE WEED you WANT to HAVE in Your Garden!!

Weeds are an indicator
One weed in particular indicates the type of soil you want, fertile, good drainage (not waterlogged).
01:29 Early settlers arriving at forested areas would seek out where the black walnut was growing since it indicated fertile well drained soil. Thats what makes the best garden, fertile and well drained soil.
02:28 Get to the point !!
03:23 French name is Chou Gras or fat cabbage.
04:01 Lambs quarter (Chenopodium album), now you know.
04:15 It just screams GROW YOUR GARDEN HERE!!!
05:03 Don’t just weed it, eat it.
05:23 Try it you will understand why. DELICIOUS.
Dont walk by without picking the top leaves and eating them. Very nutritious and tasty. : Lambsquarter (Chenopodium album)
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