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7 Advantages of Living and Farming Next to a Gravel Pit

Zack Zane

I WANT Dust, I WANT Dust!!
00:33- We are Dust
01:15- We are bordered on two sides by a sand and gravel pit
02:42- How do we get rock dust on our farm from a gravel pit?
02:49- Rock Dust blows from road traffic
02:59- Rock Dust blows from off the sand and gravel piles
03:36- Rock Dust from the irrigation water
05:06- Why would you want rock dust?
05:28- 7 Advantages of farming or living next to a sand and gravel pit
05:33- 1 The fertility that rock dust brings
05:38- 2 The immunity that rock dust brings to plants
06:20- 3 Creates different wildlife habitat
07:21- 4 No good overwintering habitat for orchard pest species
08:38- 5 No monoculture orchard next door
09:11- 6 Local source to buy rock dust
10:01- 7 Easy access to heavy equipment
10:22- 2 Disadvantages
10:29- Dust when you don’t want it
10:47- Noise of a gravel pit operation
11:47- BLOOPER
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