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6 Ways to Protect Trees from Mice and Rabbit DAMAGE or Girdling

Zack Zane

If you’ve ever lost a tree or many trees to mice or rabbits you know how important it is to protect your trees in some way. In the last 2 videos we saw how to Identify damage and how to Deflect mice and rabbits away from your trees. This week we look at how to PROTECT your trees from mouse and rabbit DAMAGE. Make sure to see the BEST and Longest lasting way I’ve found to protect your precious trees.


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00:00 Intro
00:07 #1 Using poison – not recommended
01:03 #2 Mow in the fall to prevent or at least reduce vole damage
01:51 what habitat voles are looking for and how to recognize their runway
02:49 #3 Get a good dog to hunt down voles and rabbits
03:42 #4 Use a wood chip mulch to make the area around a tree less appealing to voles
04:09 #5 Use a plastic guard to protect young trees from mice or rabbits
04:52 how a plastic drain pipe guard is a haven for moths
05:12 how to make a haven for earwigs using plastic guards
05:30 how earwigs help control pear psylla in pear trees
06:29 #6 The BEST long term tree guard using 1/4 galvanized wire mesh
08:41 How to improve the best wire mesh guard for deep snow areas by making them 2′ high
10:22 How long do you make a wire mesh tree guard?

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