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22 Pro TIPS for YOUR Fruit Trees

Zack Zane

22 Pro TIPS for YOUR Fruit Trees during a Fall Walkabout in the Permaculture Orchard. Want JUST the PRO TIPS? Skip to 14:07.

Time Codes:
00:23 Update of this Season
14:07 Pro Tip #1
14:56 Pro Tip #2
15:38 Pro Tip #3
16:29 Pro Tip #4
17:41 Pro Tip #5
27:16 Pro Tip #6
28:10 Pro Tip #7
29:46 Pro Tip #8
30:23 Pro Tip #9
38:46 Pro Tip #10
42:15 Pro Tip #11
42:49 Pro Tip #12
48:18 Pro Tip #13
48:45 Pro Tip #14
55:21 Pro Tip #15
55:51 Pro Tip #16
57:35 Pro Tip #17
58:24 Pro Tip #18
1:01:43 Pro Tip #19
1:03:27 Pro Tip #20
1:07:15 Pro Tip #21
1:12:25 Pro Tip #22
1:19:56 Bonus Pro Tip


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