Tour of Miracle Farms


Join us for a Spring Blossom tour (May 18) or a Fall Harvest tour (September 14) of the Permaculture Orchard for 2019, at 10am in French and 2 pm in English.


The grocery isle concept
Stefan sobkowiak

  • 1) 1 grassy lane 2 rows
  • 2) Fruit trees planted by harvest date, rows 2 by2
  • 3) Planting plan in rows: NA1P1, NA2P2, NA3P3, NA4P1, NA1P2,…N= nitrogen fixer. It’s roles: fix nitrogen for surrounding fruit trees and shrubs, hold the overhead wire, bee forage, leaves as forage and organic matter.A= Apple 150 cultivars (cvs) on the farm, 50 cvs in front block (2 acres), 50 cvs middle block (2.5 acres), 50cvs in nursery to plant. Not 2 consecutive apple trees in a row. Not the same cv consecutive (A1, A2, A3…)P= pear or plum. 16 cvs of pears, 6 cvs of plums. Plums primarily ‘Mount Royal’.
  • 4) Training the tree vs Pruning.
  • 5) Every fruit tree is associated with 1 fruiting shrub planted to the SW of it to prevent sunscald, caused by the suns reflection off the snow. Shrub species are: red curant (red lake), gooseberry (hinnomaki red, captivator), black currant (ben sarek), jostaberry, haskap (blue belle, berry blue).
  • 6) Every fruit tree is associated with 4-24 flowers, herbs, vegetables. These are planted in 3-5 rows with shortest plants along the grassy lane and tallest in the middle of the row.
  • 7) Trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs and vegetables are planted according to their harvest date.
  • 8) Each harvest period lasts 10 days. There are 3 harvest periods per month.
  • 9) Each pair of rows can have between 2 to 4 harvest periods per year.
  • In this complexity there is a simplicity of pattern.
  • 10) The planting design is intended to make it harder on pest insects. They can’t jump from tree to tree as they do in a conventional or organic orchard. The plant diversity is designed to harbour the pest’s predators. Traps for pests: for apple maggot fly and coddling moths.Results: to be determined.
  • 11) Fruit tree diseases: apple and pear scab. Cvs were selected with greater or complete resistance to this disease.Result: a huge reduction of scab disease.
  • 12) Maintenance: 2 sheets of plastic and 3 lines of drip tape. Automated irrigation insures an adequate supply of water. 4-8 hours of manual weeding per hectare (2.5 acres) per year! Without any use of herbicide.
  • 13) Allies: birds, more than 150 nest boxes, frog ponds, rock piles for snakes, bat boxes. Domestic animals: turkeys, chickens, guinea fowl, ducks, geese, quail.
A demonstration of fruit tree grafting (and/or budding). A sampling of available fruits. Fruit, vegetables and herbs for sale. Have lunch with us in the orchard.

Cost: $41.74 per person

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GROUP tour

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GROUP TOUR: Would you and a group of colleagues or friends like a group tour? The cost is $40 per person for a group of 15 or more.


Following our visit to your orchard on September 18, I would like on behalf of those present, to express our appreciation for this wonderful day spent with you. We enjoyed your hospitality. What a pleasure to enjoy organic melons fresh from the garden, as well as other fruits, it was a real treat. Your generosity for all your guidance, the answers to all our questions and for all this time with us, made this day a true success story. No reading on the subject would have been as interesting as the information received during our visit. Everyone walked away with much more than knowledge. Thank you for agreeing to share your knowledge while letting us visit your orchard.Denise Lavergne, SHEB President
With a visit to your garden last Sunday, It’s been an adventure that continues for me with renewed enthusiasm! You are a valuable and inspiring person: thank you to show us your enthusiasm! Your expressive “Wow!” Accompanied by an unforgettable smile is powerful for the rest of the world. Thank you again!Marc-André
I enjoyed my day, especially the way you do things, your simplicity, meeting great people, the trick to the multiplication of Cassis … the apricots, it’s very engaging. Fragrant Myrhe the Meadowsweet, all herbs … Beware of Comfrey is very intrusive. Thank you for the wonderful day! Good luck in all your projects!Odette Simard, Joliette
The PDC course could not be better. I really enjoyed the experience . It bluntly made me want to implement a business plan similar to a natural environment ( for medium and long term when I have more training ), but on a smaller scale to begin with and others ( coop ? or other? ) . This is the beginning of a pregnancy. I am very pleased that you could benefit from a return ( in farm work ) for your generosity and me to participate in my measure . THANK YOU VERY MUCH . ( I was actually on the floor on Sunday! Hi! Hi! ) . I am very pleased that you are planning to repeat the same formula this year . The practical experience , in addition to learning , is making strides in itself, to germinate a call to something, identify what is for oneself or not to dare undertake thereafter. It will be wonderful to see the progression of all plants and animals. See you soon !Marie-Claude