Internships at Miracle Farms


2016 is a sabbatical year. Our focus for 2016 is to see how little work the orchard will require for maintenance. We will not be taking on interns this year. If you are still interested please check back for 2017.



Antoine Boissy-Gadoury 2013 

  • 4 positions for interns with plans or planning to carry out their own project.
  • 1 position for a resident artist.
  • 1 future leader position.

If you have fallen in love with permaculture and are a brilliant and quick learner with proven leadership ability but do not have plans for your own project we have one position for a future leader highly influenced by permaculture.

If you want to learn about permaculture in one of the best setting in Eastern North America but are not planning on initiating a project in the near future please look for another internship. We are not a permaculture kindergarten. We are a permaculture grad school for for those who are beyond aspiring and dreaming.

There are 3 types of workers and interns:
those who don’t do what they are asked,
those who just do what they are asked
and those who do more than they are asked.
Which one are you?

We function in both English and French among ourselves, with members, for tours, for all other communications.
Your language skills in both languages will improve.

Here is a sampling of what you will be exposed to and learn

Interns plus, looking for someone to be in charge of the following areas:

  • Planting: trees, shrubs, perennial vegetables, herbs, perennial flowers
  • Animals: grass based laying hens, broilers, turkeys, lambs, dairy cow, electric fencing, water and feeding systems
  •  Nursery: fruit trees, fruit shrubs, perennial vegetables, herbs, propagation, grafting, and overgrafting
  • Permaculture Orchard: pruning and training of fruit trees and nitrogen fixers, natural spraying, harvest, and irrigation
  • Construction: intern housing, cold storage, penhouse, and rabbit rollers
  • Communications: social media including facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram; membership emails and member communications; and intern blog
  • Artistic Projects: use and re-use  items we have an abundance of to create durable artistic items that complement our themes
  • Public Education: help with tours and coordinate educational efforts

Entrepreneurial Activities

Each of the above responsibilities has an entrepreneurial component. Transform, prepare orders, answer requests for proposals, ship products, selling. Selling is not a dirty word it is the lifeblood of a non-subsidized, free market u-pick farm.
None of the above activities will be the sole activity of the intern in charge. The goal is to expose and allow everyone to practice everything. Mastery of any one activity may be beyond the scope of the internship. Exposure and practice is the rule. The one in charge is responsible for ensuring the smooth accomplishment of all the tasks involved with that activity.  Being in charge will practice your ability to initiate and carry out your own project once your internship is completed.
Intern Commitment
We require a 2 month minimum commitment. It’s the time needed to get you exposed and practiced in all we do. Internships starts in May and August.

Important Information

Living accommodations:
SPARTAN to begin the season (trailers). Room and most board provided. We always followed Solomon’s advice “make ready your work in the field and afterwards build your house”. We have done much of the work in the field and will build intern housing this year with your help.

Meals are communal and mealtimes are one of the best learning times, centered in our group kitchen. The farm provides your basic food needs (fruit, meat and vegetables). We have wi-fi in the group kitchen.

Must be at least 18 years of age at start of internship and you will need to sign a waiver with Miracle Farms before starting the season.

Work 5 days per week, off two days except every third week, which is a 7-day week. Sundays are usually chores only and Saturdays are minimal unless it’s a tour or open day.

This is an outdoor farm. You will see more sun, rain, grass and trees than you ever have. It is a physical activity. You are not required to be in good shape but you will end up in good shape.