The Miracle

The Beginning

  • Purchased a conventional orchard in 1992
  • 3 years of transition towards organic
  • OCIA certified organic orchard in 1996
  • 4 years of certified organic production

  • Deep realization that even an organic orchard remains a monoculture

  • In early 2002, a nursery of 2,000 fruit trees was established to replant the orchard in a permaculture design
  • 2003 tripled the trees in the nursery
  • 2004 total loss of nursery trees, 2 years of lost work!
  • 2006, nursery re-established


  • 2007 planted the largest permaculture orchard in Canada
  • 2008 tripled the permaculture orchard, added plastic mulch and irrigation to the first permaculture planting
  • 2009 added plastic mulch and irrigation to the second permaculture planting, added berries, flowers and vegetables
  • 2010 fruit production began in the first permaculture planting – patience rewarded!
  • 2012 with hopes for the first large harvest, a late frost in May killed the fruit tree buds leading to a near total loss
  • 2013 year of abundance for apples, pears, plums, cherries, berries – Ah, finally!
  • 2014 almost no tree fruits, but best year for small fruits!
  • 2015 abundance of everything. Lots and lots of apples, pears, berries and herbs – Ah, the pleasure of walking in this garden of Eden, yours to discover!
Ah, the pleasure of walking in this garden of Eden, yours to discover!!!Stefan Sobkowiak